Vi gavareetye pa rooskee?

By Judith Phillips

Among the scanned images of documents that we were sent with Alice’s story were several letters written in Russian.  It would be great if these could be translated as the personal touch is so often the most poignant.  Alice’s family must have been worried about her safety all the time she was serving.  And we know that the family’s eventual journey from Russia was difficult and dangerous.

So, not only are the letters in Russian, they’re in Russian as it was written in the first World War period – and I am sure there will have been many changes in the language since then.  And, just to make the task more challenging they are handwritten.  Anyone who has tried to read handwriting in a language they know well in its printed form will understand that just being able to read the handwriting can be the biggest challenge.

I’ve attached one page from a letter written by Alice’s mother, so you can see if you think you can help us.  Please email if you would like further information.