Unexpected First World War connections…


We decided to offer tours to the Library and Archives Reading Room on Sunday 13th March when the museum had a Free Entry Day.  It seemed a great opportunity to show visitors some of the work we do, including the First World War project – and also let them enjoy the fabulous views from the top of the building. 

By the end of the day 60 people had taken us up on the offer of a tour, and we had unexpectedly got three more names to add to the Roll of Honour, with the promise of more family information to come.  That’s brilliant! 

I also spoke to someone who has researched the repatriation of British prisoners of war through Denmark.  This got me thinking that we could organise an event about prisoners of war – we know that some Teesdale men spent months as prisoners – as they are often forgotten.  If you know a member of your family was a First World War prisoner, we’d love to hear from you.

Judith Phillips, Research Advisor to the project.