St Romald’s Roll of Honour

This morning I was visited by Rotary Club member Gerald Blake from Romaldkirk. He brought with him a Roll of Honour uncovered in the vestry of St Romald’s Church.

Though the exact history of the document is unknown, other than its origins begin during the period of 1914-18, there are many things that we can start to extrapolate from it.

The record lists 98 names (many of them familiar family names from Teesdale) and 12 of them women. It seems entries were made over a period of time – and with writing in different hands, we know there was more than one person responsible for its keeping. For example the names of 4 women (Bessie Archer, Margaret Frost, Freda Waite and Doreen Wanless) appear in the same smaller writing – perhaps an indication that these women decided to sign up together, as was often heard of throughout the conflict with the ‘Pals Brigades’.

This is the first contribution we’ve had to the growing database from this area of Teesdale. Already in searching the database we haven’t been able to identify them – meaning almost 100 new names and an indicator of just how much more we still have to find out.