‘Saying no’ at Deerbolt Prison

We are reaching the midway point in our time working with Deerbolt Prison.  Following a session that looked at the role of conscientious objectors in the war, one of the men wrote the following, reflecting on the impact of ‘saying no’:

‘Saying No!’

People think it’s so easy to say No and in many ways it is but in many ways it can be a life-changing experience.  Coward or scared is often how you are branded in the war.  Of course many people had their reasons for saying no.  Things from religion to personal beliefs.  We take for granted just how much it means to some people to say No!  In whatever way you look at it, if you say no to something 9/10 people believe in is not going to go down well.  People don’t like to be told No, and especially when you were expected to say yes must have been very hard! I strongly believe that if you think against something you don’t believe in then you should stand for what you believe in.  Even if you’re branded badly, or even upset a few people.