Religion and the War

By Judith Phillips

Saturday saw the first in this year’s series of talks, starting with a double-bill!  Reverend David Youngson has been supporting the project since its early days, and I have profited from his immense knowledge of Army chaplains in particular – David is very generous with his time and support.  Introducing himself as ‘that mad blind vicar from Billingham’ – a description frequently used, apparently, when he contacts organisations asking for and offering information – he kept the audience listening attentively and appreciatively.  I bet he must preach a very good sermon!

Taking up the theme of ‘religion and war, we were fortunate to have another project supporter as Dr. Denise Coss looked at how Christian church authorities, particularly the Church of England, responded to the outbreak and continuation of the war, including a hope that this could trigger a religious revival.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take notes on all of the talks as a couple of badly-timed bouts of coughing meant I had to leave both talks for part of the time.  So, please bear with me, and I will write up fuller reports with the help of the speakers and of members of the audience.  For information about future talks and events, please read Dates for your diary.