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John William Lax
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Teesdale Mercury 20 OCTOBER 1915 – Page 5:

'Mr Arthur William Lax, of Cat Castle Cottages, Lartington, has received official word that his son, John William, An A.B. in the Howe Battalion, Second Royal Naval brigade, has been wounded in action on the Gallipoli Peninsula.  He received a gun-shot in the leg, and was at once conveyed to the Convalescent Depot Citadel, Cairo.  This is the second time this brave, young fellow has been wounded.  The last occasion was on May 16th.  He was then sent to a hospital in Alexandria, where, fortunately, he was cheered by meeting with another Barnard Castle lad (Walter Croft).  Mr and Mrs lax may rest assured of the sympathy of all their Barnard Castle friends.  Mrs Lax has also a brother in the Second Yorkshire Regiment, who is at present in the firing line.'


A J.W. Lax in Teesdale received the Military Medal. Given the unusual name, we assume it was John William 

Notes: Teesdale Mercury 20 OCTOBER 1915 – Page 5;