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Herbert Dennis Raine
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60th Reserve Battery, Royal Field Artillery
Teesdale Township:
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Barnard Castle
Home Address:
Low Selset
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Son of George Raine, brother of Edward Richard and George McKenzie Raine and 5th Cousin of Ernest Harold Porter and Joseph Henry James Porter, all of whom served in the War (see separate entries on the database).  Herbert's brother, John Everard, may have been exempted from service as a farmer in Low Selset. 


Herbert also had several other relatives in Teesdale who also served in the war (see separate entries on the database): Willam Porter (of Cotherstone, father to Ernest and Joseph); Adam Bainbridge and John Joseph Bainbridge (of Forest and Frith); Frederick Porter and John Henry Porter (of Kinninvie Marwood); John William Porter (of Barnard Castle); Arthur Edwin Raine and William Stanley Raine (of Middleton in Teesdale); and Arthur Henry (Harry) from Ingelton; and Edgar Heslop (from Marwood). 


Detailed information about the Porter Family and their relatives in Teesdale and service records - courtesy of Philip A Wilde - is available from the Bowes Museum Archive. 


Herbert attested in Barnard Castle on 8 December 1915 at the age of 19 years. He was assigned to the 60th (Reserve) Battalion, Royal Field Artillery and was mobilised on 6 April 1916. He was hospitalised for two weeks in Amiens in February 1917 and remained with the RFA until 12 September 1918 when he was admitted to the Voluntary Aid Department Hospital at Brackley in Northamptonshire where he remained until 20 December 1918. His condition is unknown but given the nature of hospital, it shell shock would seem to be the likely cause. 

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