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Frederick Donald
Casualty No.:
Service No.:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Bowes area
Age at Death:
Lance Corporal
Durham Light Infantry, 14th Battalion
Teesdale Township:
Place Enlisted:
West Hartlepool
Home Address:
Bowes area including Gallow Hill, Six Chimneys Farm. Also Birk House, Brignall.
Civilian Employment:
Farm Servant
Cause of Death:
Died of wounds
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Battles & Campaigns:
UK Commemorated:
War Memorial St.Giles' Church Bowes, War Memorial Bowes Village Hall
Overseas Commemorated:
Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte
Grove Town Cemetery I.F.12, Meaulte
Decoration and Medals:
Service :
Service Records:
Death Notice/Obituary:

Teesdale Mercury 04.10.1916 - Page 5: Column 3

Lance-Corp Fred Donald, 23years - killed in action in France.

Family Details:

Frederick was born in 1893 to Robert and Jane Donald. Robert was a farmer and Innkeeper.  Frederick was older brother to John Walter Donald, who was killed in 1917, and to a sister, Margaret, and another brother, Thomas (a Carter by trade). Prior to enlisting, Frederick spent his life in the Bowes area including: Gallow Hill; in 1901,living  with his younger brother John Walter at his sister Margaret's farm, Six Chimneys; and in 1911 working as Farm Servant for a Tennant Farmer at Birk House, Brignall.  When he died, his parents were still at Gallow Hill, but they later moved to Romaldkirk. 


Enlisted at the age of 21 and 210 days. 


Memorial Service held on 18 December 1916.  Honoured in the Local Notes section of the Teesdale Mercury, 17 January 1917. 


He left all his property and effects to E.Howard, of New House, Forest Village, Middleton in Teesdale. This was probably Ethel Heward, who was a domestic servant at the neighbouring farm of North Bitts.

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