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Fergus Bowes -Lyon (The Hon.)
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Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
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Laithkirk Church Memorial
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Quarry Cemetery, Vermelles, France, Ref. A15
Quarry Cemetery, Vermelles, France, Ref. A15
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Teesdale Mercury-06/10/1915: News Item:  Killed in Action

Captain, Hon. Fergus Bowes Lyon (5th Son of Earl of Strathmore) killed in action

Teesdale Mercury-20/10/1915: War items:  Death


Family Details:

27Son of the 14th Earl of Strathmore, elder brother to the Queen Mother and uncle to Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles Bowes-Lyon 1885-1914, nephew of 14th Earl of Strathmore

Malcolm Bowes-Lyon, wounded, brother of 14th Earl of Strathmore

Teesdale Mercury 10 June 1914 – Page 5:

'Canadian Disaster.


On Saturday a cablegram was received at the London office of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company announcing the fact that among the rescued passengers from the ill-fated Empress of Ireland was Mr C. Bowes-Lyon, who was sailing in the homeward-bound Alsatian.  Mr Charles Bowes-Lyon is the eldest son of the Hon. Frank and Lady Ann Bowes-Lyon, of Ridley Hall, Northumberland, cousin of Lord Glamis and nephew of Lord Strathmore.  In reply to a telephonic communication to Streatlam Castle, yesterday, we were informed that nothing was known there of Mr C. Bowes-Lyon's movements.'

Teesdale Mercury 28 October 1914 – Page 4:

Captain the Hon. Malcolm Bowes-Lyon, the Second Life Guards, has been wounded?  He is the seventh son of the thirteenth Earl of Strathmore and brother to the present Earl.  He was born in 1874.



Listed on Laithkirk Church memorial

Led his men into battle near Hohenzollern Redoubt.

Had his leg blown off before he was hit by bullets in chest and shoulder.

For the best part of a century, the Royal family did not know his final resting place, or the full details of how he led an assault on the most heavily defended part of the German lines, had his leg blown off and was repeatedly hit with machine-gun fire, before dying an hour later as his sergeant tried to keep him alive until medical assistance arrived. - the story of his death was unearthed by his grandson James Voicey-Cecil.

Teesdale Mercury-26/08/1914: Local and other notes:  Commissions

Teesdale Mercury-09/12/1914: Local and other notes:  Left Southampton for France

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