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Alfred (Alf) Ernest Walton
Casualty No.:
Service No.:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Age at Death:
3rd Durham Light Infantry; 1st/7th Battalion King's (Liverpool) Regiment;
Teesdale Township:
Place Enlisted:
Home Address:
In 1911, 1 George Street, Barnard Castle. At the time of Alfred's death, his mother, Louise, was living in Ware Street, Barnard Castle and his wife, Lilian, was living at 3, Hall Street, Barnard Castle.
Civilian Employment:
Baker. Worked in Barnard Castle at George Burt's and Mr W. Hodgson, confectioner.
Cause of Death:
Killed in Action
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Festubert near Givenchy
Battles & Campaigns:
UK Commemorated:
St Mary's Church, Barnard Castle
Overseas Commemorated:
Loos Memorial Pas de Calais, France
Decoration and Medals:
Service :
Service Records:
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Family Details:

Son of George and Louise Walton of George Street, Barnard Castle.  Alfred had two younger sisters, Misses G and M Walton.


At the age of 24, Alfred married Lilian Wright of Thompson's Cottage, Baliol Street, Barnard Castle. She was living at 3 Hall Street when he died.  Lilian lived until 1936. She is buried in Barnard Castle Cemetery. 


Alfred had two sons, Alfred and Trevor. Lilian was pregnant with Trevor at the time of Alfred's death.  


A member of Barnard Castle Band. 


At the start of the War, Alfred was in a reserved occupation. In May 1917, he was called up to join the 3rd Durham Light Infantry. In September, he joined the BEF in France. At some point during the War, he transferred to the 1/7th Battalion King's (Liverpool) Regiment but it is not clear why. Lilian speculated that it might have been on account of his shooting skills. 


Alfred was killed in action at Festubert near Givenchy on 9 April 1918.  Wilfred was reported missing on this date. An account from the men who were alongside Alfred said "Between Festubert and Givenchy our platoon was holding an advanced trench. After a tremendous bombardment the Germans came over at 9.15 am and only a few of us got away." By July 1918, Alfred was presumed dead and his official date of death is recorded as the date he was reported missing. 


Teesdale Mercury-29/05/1918: Local and other notes: Reported Missing on 18 May 1918

Teesdale Mercury-02/07/1919: Local and other notes: Now presumed killed on 18 May 1918 

Teesdale Mercury - 25 February 1998: Alfred's WW1 letters found


First Name:;; Teesdale Mercury;; Private Individual; Last Name: St Mary,s data;; Teesdale Mercury;; Private Individual; Initials:;; Teesdale Mercury;; Private Individual; Service: St Mary's data;; Teesdale Mercury; Ranks: St Mary's data;; Teesdale Mercury;; Service Number: St Mary's data;; Teesdale Mercury; Unit:; Teesdale Mercury; Date of Birth: St Mary's data; Teesdale Mercury; Place of Birth: St Mary's data; Ancestry; Age at Death:; Teesdale Mercury; Private Individual; Home Address:; Ancestry; Teesdale Mercury; Civilian Employment: St Mary's data; Teesdale Mercury; Cause of Death: St Mary's data; Teesdale Mercury; Date of Death: St Mary's data;; Teesdale Mercury; Private Individual; Place of Death: Teesdale Mercury; UK Commemorated:; Overseas Commemorated: St Mary's data;; Teesdale Mercury; Private Individual; Death Notice / Obituary: Teesdale Mercury; Family Details:;; Teesdale Mercury; Notes: Teesdale Mercury; Campaign Medals: Ancestry; Local Memorials:; Teesdale Townships: Teesdale Poor Law Union 1914;