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George Henry Liddle
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DLI 22nd Pioneers Reg No. 22/346
Teesdale Township:
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West Hartlepool
Home Address:
Civilian Employment:
1901: listed in census as joiner. 1911: wagon repair man on railway.
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Joined DLI 22nd Pioneers Reg No. 22/346 aged 30 in Nov 1915
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Family Details:

Parents: William and Mary Liddle.  William was a cartman on Eggleston Estate.  George had one sister and three brothers.

Father died in 1904 and mother became lodge keeper at the Hall.

By 1911, George was lodging at Shildon with his sister, Margaret Maughan, and was working as a wagon repair man on the railway.

Married Ida Lonsborough in April 1911.  She'd already a son called George, but a year later Ida died (unsure what happened to the little boy).


Sent to France after enlistment

Killed in March 1917 abd buried nearby (according to records)

In August 1930, his body was exhumed and reburied at Finns New British Cemetery 

In his will, he left £10 to his sister-in-law; joiners tools to his brother-in-law; and the rest of this effects to his brother, Thomas Liddle of Hall Gates, Egglestone.  He also instructed his sister-in-law to tend to Ida's grave.  George's personal property that came back to his family included letters, a spoon, part of a pipe, cad case, wallet, photos and cards.

His name is on the plaque in Eggleston Church

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