Photograph of J R Beadle
John Robert (known as Jack) Beadle
Casualty No.:
Service No.:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Age at Death:
Northumberland Fusiliers/Kings Hussars
Teesdale Township:
Place Enlisted:
Home Address:
Moor View, Eggleston.
Civilian Employment:
Locomotive fireman at Bank Top Station, Darlington; gamekeeper after war
Cause of Death:
Heart attack
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Battles & Campaigns:
Locally Commemorated:
UK Commemorated:
Eggleston Holy Trinity Church
Overseas Commemorated:
Egglestone Churchyard
Decoration and Medals:
Service :
Service Records:
Enlisted 1 Aug 1916; served in France Dec 1916-Jan 1917, Dec 1917-Mar 1918; discharged 9 Feb 1919
Death Notice/Obituary:
Family Details:

Known as Jack.  Height 6' 3". Youngest child and only son of Henry and Mary Beadle. Henry was the Head Gamekeeper for Egglestone estate. He and Mary had been married for seven years.


After the war, in 1934, Jack married a local girl from Eggleston, Freda Bainbridge, whose father worked on the Eggleston estate as a woodsman.


Born Mat 1897.


Was twice hospitalised during service with bronchitis and then heart trouble - in hospital in Sheffield and Horton War Hospital, Epsom.


On returning to Egglestone, he became a gamekeeper like his father on Egglestone Estate and  items of his gamekeeper's clothing were donated to The Bowes Museum (ref. CST.2/702-706) - search.


In WW2 Jack took charge of the Home Guard in Egglestone. Awarded a long service medal from the Country Landowner's Association until ill health prevented him. Died July 4th 1979 in hospital, aged 82, after a heart attack.

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