More Roll of Honour Responses

By Judith Phillips

A volunteer with the project, working on material in Durham county Record office, has identified some more completed Roll of Honour forms. In 1915 Owen Scott, Curator at the museum, circulated a letter to the townships in Teesdale Union, and asked for information about people serving in the forces or as nurses. He included a form to be filled in. The museum has completed forms from about half a dozen townships as well some empty forms returned as no-one from that township was serving. These extra forms will double the number of responses (though not the number of entries).

Interestingly, the forms were found in the records of Startforth Rural District Council which was the next level of local government from the township. So there may be more completed forms to be discovered in other local government records! Even after more than 100 years, relevant material can be found in somewhat unlikely places. So, the moral is never to give up and to keep on looking!

Obviously we’ll get the information from these forms added to the roll of Honour on the website as soon as possible. However, we do have a backlog of material to be inputted, so we’d love to hear from anyone who would be interested in doing this – it can done in the museum or at home.