Local medals

By Judith Phillips

You probably all know about the medals given to mark men’s service during the First World War: the 1914 or 1914-15 Star, the British War medal and the Victory medal.  But we know that some local communities awarded their own medal.

In Teesdale we know that Startforth and Rokeby both produced their own medal and awarded them to men from their communities who served in the war.  Do you have one of these medals?  Or perhaps you have a medal produced by a different Teesdale community? 

We would like to include a local medal in the upcoming exhibition to mark the WWI commemoration project.  The exhibition will run from 20th October 2018 to 3rd March 2019.  All exhibits will be monitored by the museum’s Exhibition and Conservation staff, so you can be reassured that they will be displayed to the highest museum standards.

If you have a medal but would prefer not to lend it, perhaps we could arrange for a high-quality photograph to be taken for display.

If you would be willing to lend a local medal to the museum exhibition or let us photograph a medal for display, please contact me with some information about the medal: Judith.phillips@thebowesmuseum.org.uk.