First reading of draft writings (Exciting Times!)

Today was the first reading of our final pieces for the WW1 Internship Project! 

We had a first reading of our pieces as well as discussing the locations/items that inspired our work and the routes of our trails. I thought that my trail could be sign posted by having each section of the walk being marked with each year of the WW1 (a timeline of the events of the war if you will). Each poem is also named in reference to the inspiration behind the choice of location. As well as this, it was discussed that today I could bring a performance element to my trail by leading people around the trail in character (possibly a WW1 Nurse) whilst either reading my poems aloud or talking about the reasoning behind my choice of trail locations. After this my poems will be in a booklet type document that visitors at the museum are able to read them whilst walking around the trail can read as they walk around. There is also a school visiting on the launch day and so I hope I may be able to lead them around my trail in character if this could be a possibility. 

Here is one of the drafts for the “1914” section of my trail that I presented today (please click to enlarge): 

off to war                                                                                                                                            

I am very excited to also begin to plan my drama workshop that I will have with a local school with a focus on WW1. This is going to be a first for me, I hope it will raise my confidence in leadership as well as teaching my new found knowledge to the students from the school through drama activities.