Final get together at Bowes

During the last week was our final get together at Bowes museum, before we hand in our final draft pieces of writing so that the new designer can plan her side of things. We presented our current drafts to each other and the staff at Bowes museum. I was impressed by everyone else’s work and the staff seemed keen with the fact that we all seemed to be taking different perspectives on the World War I project. For me, I wanted to approach this project with emotive writing. I want my audience to feel and reflect and imagine themselves in this situation which we could never understand. However, in reflecting, I hope to make my readers more aware of the First World War, and to spark their interest in its history, but to also help them understand that these were real people with very similar lives and thoughts to modern people today. I am not sure if I have achieved what I aim to do yet, however, I hope that the more drafts I produce the more feedback and critical advice I will get. 

During my last visit to the museum, Rupert asked us to pick five objects or locations to base our final pieces of writing on. During that last visit, I only managed to think of two locations and still I have kept those same locations (the woodland walk and the 1700 period rooms). However, since then I decided to write pieces on the Victory Medal, three of the poems I attached to the last blog post, and finally propaganda illustrated through a children’s book. Each of these objects and locations are vastly different, but each ask the reader to imagine themselves as different people during the war, allowing my reader to explore various emotions and experiences which came with the war.