Thanks to everyone who has agreed (or, at least, hasn’t declined) to taking part in the evaluation process.  A significant criterion for any HLF-funded project is evaluation.  We are expected to evaluate all aspects of the work associated with the project and HLF also appoints an external evaluator to consider the project while it is in progress.  For this project Sheffield Hallam University is the designated evaluator.

Emma Smith at Sheffield Hallam University has asked for contact information so that she can evaluate the impact of the project on participants.  By ‘participants’ she means volunteers in any aspect of the project and also people who attend events and/or receive any training for or through the project.  Most recently she asked for this information covering the period April-October 2017.  We had the information but we didn’t necessarily have permission to hand it on.

Those of you who have attended any of the talks or events in that time will realise that earlier on we hadn’t specifically asked permission for email addresses to be passed to anyone else.  For the September talk, we did include a column on the record sheet of people attending to indicate if email addresses could be forwarded for evaluation purposes.  I have also emailed everyone we could identify from the earlier record sheets giving a deadline for withholding permission.  I have now sent Emma a list of email addresses and you may be hearing from her.

We have now amended the record sheets to ensure in future it will be easier for people attending events and talks to give or withhold permission.

And don’t forget the internal feedback forms we have for talks and events.  They are very useful to us in assessing and preparing the programmes of events and talks.  The forms are always read and we really appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we try to take them on board.