Day Trip at the Museum

Today was my second visit to the museum itself. Like the first time I arrived there, I felt an overwhelming awe at the building. I feel like it will always impress me. In the morning, each of us interns took the time to explore more of the Great War archives. Rupert had set us the task to find five objects or locations which inspired us. At first I found this difficult as I wasn’t sure what it was I was looking for. I discovered little poems, the dead man’s penny, letters IMG_1354  written to say someone had died or gone missing. The lack of emotion in these letters were shocking, and when I thought about how many times a day someone would have written these letters, it is no wonder they become mechanical scripts with blank spaces for names and signatures. 

After lunch, I took the afternoon to explore  the grounds of the museum. This is where I felt true inspiration for the World War I project. I imagined myself as Vera Brittan and the awful things she experienced. I imagined myself as a soldier telling his sweetheart that he was going to war. Taking this time to reflect allowed me to jot down little hints of emotive pieces of writing which I hope to use for my final pieces. Out of the five objects or locations I chose, the ones I took inspiration from today and plan to keep are the Woodland walk and the 1700 style rooms. I am very excited to invest myself in each of the five pieces now.