Day 1 of Internship at Bowes Museum

After discovering that I was chosen as one of three interns for the WW1 program with Bowes Museum, the first port of call was meeting with my new colleagues. Gavin was the first to make this leap, he contacted Hannah and I on social media and since then we have kept up communication over that original message. We met in university a week later to introduce ourselves and discuss possible plans for the internship. As the internship calls for us to produce a creative response to the WW1 archives we were unsure as to what we could do. We discussed possibly putting on a performance, holding a creative workshop for primary schools or even creating a short anthology of our work. All of which are still under discussion since our trip to the Bowes Museum.

            On Friday 18th March the three of us made our way down to Darlington to explore Bowes Museum together. It was worth the long journey as the building itself and the archives it held, were incredible and inspiring. The morning was spent meeting the museum workers and looking through the archives. These consisted of first hand letters, an old newspaper, honour rolls and so much more. It was fascinating and scary handling such old artifacts.

            After lunch we were encouraged to visit the war memorials in the grounds, and after explore the museum itself before we sat through a lecture on graves and memorials throughout Europe and across eras. All of which was something new and fascinating to me. A little time was spent exploring creative responses to the archives each of us analysed, which we shared with the rest of the group. It was interesting to see how each of us reacted differently to the same material.

            Before our next meeting we must finalise what we hope our project to be. This is almost as intimidating as the Bowes museum itself, but it is an exciting challenge I am looking forward to partaking in.