Christmas and New Year break

Unlike men and women in 1917 in the armed services or on war work, in families and communities waiting anxiously for information about their loved ones, perhaps struggling to keep a farm or business going with fewer people to help, I know that Christmas 1917 was the last one before the Armistice.  How difficult it must have been for many people to find anything to celebrate that Christmas and how much they must have hoped that the new year would bring better things.

As I am sure we will all be busy for the next few weeks, we are taking a break over Christmas and the New Year holiday period.  This is the last newsletter for 2017 and we’ll be back in mid-January.  If you’d like to send a story, a book or film recommendation, or a notice about a WWI-related event to go into a future newsletter, please email it to

On behalf of all the staff at the museum who are involved in some way with the project and of the Volunteers’ Committee, I hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2018.