Apologies for absence

By Judith Phillips

As you know, I work on the WWI project for one day a week and I have usually managed to make that a day working in the museum building, usually during the Reading Room opening hours. It is likely that I will not be working in the museum in person for the next few weeks. I am sorry that I will miss seeing volunteers and people offering information in person but I know my colleagues at the museum will help out and I can still be contacted by email: Judith.phillips@thebowesmuseum.org.uk.

Probably until mid-February at the earliest, I will be spending a lot of time in Wiltshire helping to look after and support my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons. Abi broke her ankle just before Christmas and is likely to be in plaster for 6-8 weeks. With both my grandsons under the age of five, I will be needed to help out with childcare, housework and general management.

Thank goodness for emails! At least I can keep in contact even when not physically present in Barnard Castle. And I will still be doing project-related work in between school runs, shopping, hospital appointments and entertaining a lively two and a half year old. In fact, I will probably look forward to delving into WWI even more eagerly to give me a bit of a rest!

I am really looking forward to working through the last complete year of the project as there are lots of ideas about highlighting the last year of the fighting in the war and the amazing progress the project has made.

One of the things I can do while away is organise material to appear in the project’s e-newsletter. So I’d be very happy to receive notice of any WWI-related event you think people would be interested in knowing about, or reports on WWI events you have attended and, of course, anything you have written (or would like us to write up) about your family members during WWI. Just keep them coming!