Amendment: Charles Edwin Hardy

By Judith Phillips

A knowledgeable volunteer – the Reverend David Youngson – has emailed to point out that in last week’s newsletter we referred to Hardy’s regiment as being ‘The Inns of Court Regiment’.   It was, in fact, an OTC (Officer’s Training Corps), in many ways similar the Territorial Army which was created in 1908 from local Militia.  They had ranks and many of the men in them were commissioned into regiments or corps on completion of training.   

The Reverend David Youngson continues: ‘The Officer’s Training Corps began circa 1908 with the formation of the Territorial Army from local Militias.  It was felt that following the Boer War/ South Africa Campaign and the problems in North West India that some provision could be made amongst people attending universities with a view to them being commissioned officers.  There were those who went straight from University to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst and the Royal Military College Woolwich which was basically an artillery training enterprise.

I rather think that Hardy was probably at college in the London area, hence the reference to the Inns of Court OTC which tended to embrace students at universities/ colleges in the London Area.   There is ample evidence that such OTC units existed at Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Aberdeen Universities.  The History of the Aberdeen OTC is quite interesting as it produced the majority of subalterns for the Gordon Highlanders.  The regimental museum at Aberdeen has a whole section on this.’

David concludes: ‘It would be interesting to know which regiment he [Hardy] served with.’  I quite agree, and I look forward to getting further information from Ancestry research and other sources.  If anyone knows more about Hardy’s service in the First World War, we’d love to hear from you.