Having visited the museum again today I have created a trail around the grounds of the museum itself with each section representing a piece of the timeline of WW1.

The trial is as follows:

  1. The starting place of the trail is the entrance doors to the museum (Symbolic of a soldier going off to war)
  2. Then the trail then moves along to the small woodland, leading to the grass hill. The trail will go behind the hill and up over it (Symbolic of the soldiers running out of the trenches)
  3. Then the trail goes from here to the Woodland Walk (Symbolic of going across the battlefield) following the long and winding path (Symbolic of the soldiers walking to war)
  4. This leads to the small play park (showing what the soldiers fought for, the safety and freedom of future generations) This also makes the walk more family friendly.
  5. The final destination of my trail are the gardens at the front of the museum. This is a beautiful and calming part of the ground with which to end my trail. (This ending location symbolises the peace after the war)


Today has really opened my eyes as to the sheer amount of land that is as much a part of Bowes Museum as the building itself. As I was walking around I felt pulled to certain areas as I felt that they could be related to WW1. I also liked the idea of making the event accessible to people of all ages, this is why the small play park area seemed like such a good additional to the trail, I was unaware of this park being in existence which means that the walk has the potential to show people areas of Bowes Museum’s grounds they were not even aware of.